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Lots of children and teens have social problems, and we have hundreds of solutions. Explore the site and you'll find not only books, but board games, card games, posters, DVD's, and unique therapeutic tools developed by some of the country's leading experts in child development. The Social Skills Central Store is a division of the Guidance Group, LLC, a leading publisher and distributor of guidance materials. Besides great products, you'll find great service and great customer support. And don't forget to check out our online tools at www.SocialSkillsCentral.com, including Webinars, e-Courses, and online Parent Coaching. If you can't find what you are looking for, just let us know. We are here to help you and the kids you care about in any way we can.

Lawrence Shapiro, Ph.D.

Featured Products

What Does it mean To Me?

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24 Hidden Rules Worksheets To Help Children With Asperger's Syndrome Learn Social Skills.
What Should I Do Now?

SKU: 1622

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A Game That Teaches Social Decision making. For 2-6 Players.
Ages: 8-18.
Social Skills Comics For Teens

SKU: 1618

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Teens Show How To Behave In Real Social Situations.
Photo Social Stories

SKU: 1621

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35 Cards That teach Kids Social Skills For Everyday Situations.
Ages: 5-12.
No More Meltdowns

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No More Meltdowns is a therapeutic tool that uses a set of cards with weather icons to establish steady communication about mood between an Asperger's child and a parent/teacher/therapist in order to avoid potential meltdowns.
Hidden Rules

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A game That Teaches Everyday Social Skills. For 2-8 Players.
Ages: 6-12.
Dr. PlayWell's Coping With Stress Card Game

SKU: 383518

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This fun-filled card game teaches children how to handle stress using well-researched stress reduction techniques that include: deep breathing and muscle relaxation, self-talk, and creating a healthy lifestyle.
For 2-4 players.
Ages: 6-12.
Social Skills Bingo Game

SKU: 350788

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This game focuses on these five important areas: positive and negative characteristics, verbal and nonverbal communication, getting along, and common interests.
Ages: 12-18.
Percy the Pig (Being Responsible) Friendship Farm Backpack Buddy

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Teaching kids social skills is a breeze with our new Backpack Buddies. Each soft and cuddly animal teaches a different social skill, such as following the rules, expressing feelings, and being respectful towards others.
Ages 4-10.